I take photos of what I want: Some of the coolest people I know doing amazing things. My wife is one of the most brilliant educators I've ever known; We share a passion for supporting and encouraging students to be great. Aside from the school community around us, the only children we have are our chihuahuas: Sophie and Luna.

When I'm not writing code or taking photos, I am a Hunter main in Destiny and will enjoy a round of disc golf when I find a day that Lubbock's weather allows it. I attended Texas Tech University where I studied MIS. My wife and I are very proud alumni of the Goin' Band from Raiderland (in Band II, the superior side of the field). Other hobbies include complaining about missed free throws on social media, collecting sneakers, and buying bags/backpacks I don't need.

Be honest. Be generous.

O Stadium Lighting,

Doth thy illumination wink in the starry existence of hope and life?

Shall thy beam of radiance shine what may be wrought from thine ballast?

Nay... for thou art a villain.