My Personal Favorites

As we near the close of 2019, I am taking the time to look back at the events of the year that I was fortunate enough to cover. The images here are my personal favorites because of the stories they tell, not necessarily because I think they are great in any technical sense. If there's no compelling story, the image means nothing. Thank you for stopping by to check these out, I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed capturing these moments. Here's to the memories of 2019, and to a fantastic 2020.

#25 - Best Seat in the House

After marching contest is over for the year, I get the chance to get some images that I normally would not be allowed to. In this case, I got to enjoy the show from the drum major's podium.

#24 - I Support This Message

As an alum of Wichita Falls High School, I may or may not have had a hand in this.

#23 - Get Out the Protractor

Brock Thompson practices hitting ridiculous angles (and nailing every single one) before the game at Wichita Falls Rider

#22 - Passing GO

Ally Stevens, front and center at the UIL Color Guard competition at Coronado High School.

#21 - God Watches Football

Jacob Dennis (17) and Robert Mott (80) celebrate after a touchdown in front of a West Texas sunset.

#20 - Curtain Call

The Pirate Pride Band's drumline adding their own flare to the final performance of their 2019 UIL Marching Show, Monopoly.

#19 - Friday Night Theatrics

Jawaun Johnson (5) emerges from the smoke to lead his team onto the field in true West Texas fashion.

#18 - Screen

Jacob Politte (85) awaits a screen pass from Cooper LaFebre (18). I say there are no out of focus shots, only happy accidents.

#17 - Authority

Ty Carter (81) with a monstrous stiff-arm vs. Amarillo High School.

#16 - Have Friends, Will Travel

The LCP student section is to be admired and respected for their unwavering loyalty to their team. There is no place they won't go, no distance they won't travel to be early for any and every game... they bring the energy.

#15 - First Movement

The LCP Orchestra holds their inaugural concert, directed by Rachel Gonzales.

#14 - Back Corner Dime

Cooper LaFebre (18) places a pass to the back corner of the end zone where only his man, Max Simnacher (89) can get it vs. cross-town rival Frenship.

#13 - Where We've Never Been

At UIL Area Marching Contest, I was not allowed to be on or near the field, but that didn't stop me from getting this shot. Head drum major Lindsay Freeland (Senior) conducts the opening beat of the Pirate Pride Marching Band's Area Finals performance; A new height for LCP Marching Band.

#12 - On History's Doorstep

LCP Pirate football takes the field for an opportunity to advance to the state semi-final, a place they have never been in their 81 year program history.

#11 - Watch Your Back

Lukas Martinez (56) lays a huge hit on the scrambling quarterback for Plainview, forcing a fumble.

#10 - On Deck

Marin Blann hides under the judge-blockers during a halftime performance, awaiting her cue.

#9 - This is My 'Why'

Athletic Director Max Kattwinkel in an emotional celebration after LCP defeats Wichita Falls Rider to advance to the state semi-final for the first time in program history after his team was defeated by Rider in the playoffs during the previous season.

#8 - This is OUR District

Tyler Hairston (2) with the play of the game and the game-winning touchdown, finding daylight from his team's own territory, to win the district championship outright.

#7 - One More Time

Head Band Director Nicole Baxter wishing good luck one last time to Senior tuba player Carmen Evans as she takes the field for the UIL Area Finals performance.

#6 - Mission Accomplished

The Pirate Pride Marching Band reacts to hearing the announcer reveal that they have made Area Finals for the first time in school history.

#5 - Defense Travels

Carter Bradley (9) celebrating after picking off a pass vs. conference foe Canyon Randall in the regional semi-final.

#4 - Pirate Nation

The home side of ACU Wildcat Stadium erupts as Cooper LaFebre (18) breaks into the end zone during the state semi-final vs. Aledo. Again, no missed focus shots, only happy accidents.

#3 - Look What I Got

Nicholas Coppola (84) charges to grab the golden ball trophy first, celebrating with his teammates after defeating OD Wyatt in round 1 of the state playoffs.

#2 - [Dis]Composure

Faith Snapp poses for her photo as Homecoming Queen Nominee with her father overcome by emotion, sister, and guide dog [who is simply wondering why she wasn't nominated instead].

#1 - King of the World

Coach Sylas Politte celebrating with Max Simnacher (89) after a touchdown, Head Coach Chip Darden looks on.