- THE YEAR 2020 -

69,109 Frames

51 Events

400+ Students

1 New Normal

A Year No One Expected

If you went back in time to 2019 and described 2020 to a stranger on the street, they might have you committed. The senior class of 2020 was born into 9/11 and graduated in a pandemic, so many countless families are mourning the loss of a loved one to a deadly disease unlike anything the world has seen since 1918, and the lives of 7.5 billion humans have been changed forever. In our darkest hour, it is upon us to actively seek out the light and find joy wherever we can. West Texas has an enduring spirit unlike any other and, while we are far from perfect, not even 2020 could keep us away from having some of our greatest moments.

To the Reader

The story matters more than anything in photography. These images are my personal favorites because of the story they tell, whether they are technically well-executed or not. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to visit, it's an honor to share these stories with you. Let us, together, move into 2021 with the strength that got us through 2020.

Be honest. Be generous. Go Pirates.

#25. Clean Sweep

February 29-- Annie Lopez sweeps her flag just inches above the ground. The JV and Varsity color guard groups would both go on to a victory in what would be the only Caprock Color Guard Circuit event of 2020.

#24. Second Movement

November 14 -- In just the second year of its existence, the Lubbock-Cooper Orchestra program sees explosive growth and hosts their first concert of the 20-21 school year, Night at the Grammys, featuring performances from multiple groups including this unique quintet.

#23. Why Aren't You Standing?

October 9 -- I have no idea who this magnificent woman is, but I am her biggest fan. Though, I am not sure she'd say the same about me, as she was clearly disappointed that I was taking photos instead of standing at attention for the national anthem. My apologies, ma'am, but I haven't faced the flag for a national anthem at an LCP event since 2015.

#22. Flush

February 15 -- Macey Goodblanket looses a dart toward the green on a Par 3 at the Rawls Course on a cold February morning.

#21. And-One

December 15 -- Bella Sipowicz hyping up her teammate, Niyah Thompson, after earning an opportunity for an old-fashioned three point play.

#20. Bigger Than Football

November 27 -- During the coin toss, senior captain Ben Marcinkowski embraces Amanda Bolding, mother of former Rider football player Kaleb Honea, who died of injuries sustained in a car wreck earlier in the year. The entire Pirate football team wore a "42" sticker on their helmets in Kaleb's honor.

#19. Too Quiet

October 30 -- The visiting band section of Plainview's football stadium remains empty. For the first time in at least 7 years, the Pirate Pride Marching Band was unable to attend an away game that wasn't due to their own contests. This is among the least impactful changes we've all undergone as a result of COVID-19, but it was felt strongly nonetheless.

#18. Lit Performance

October 9 -- Drum major Ellyse Harral conducts the Pirate Pride Marching Band under the bright lights of Jones AT&T Stadium: A view I came to love as a member of the Goin' Band during my time at Texas Tech.

#17. Get My Good Side?

October 15 -- Kyle Lewis glances over to make sure I got his first quarter pick-six against Monterey on camera. You know I did, my man.

#16. 3D Glasses

November 27 -- Lubbock-Cooper ball boy gets the best view in the house of Ben Marcinkowski hauling in a deep pass in tight coverage.

#15. Maximum Effort

October 2 -- Cooper LaFebre takes to the sky, refusing to be denied the first down, against 3-to-1 odds.

#14. First to the Floor

November 7 -- Bella Sipowicz dives for a loose ball vs. Odessa High... something she has a habit of doing and is my personal hero for.

#13. Lights of Friday Nights to Come

October 14 -- LCMS and LBMS 7th grade football teams compete against each other; The varsity stadium, where they will soon spend their fall evenings, looms in the background.

#12. Stone Cold Killers

September 29 -- McKeely Underwood celebrates a hard-earned point in the 5th set against Randall.

#11. We Don't Need a Filter

January 25 -- Hadley Brooks and Jay Proffitt take a selfie during the Under Armour High School Classic at the Texas Tech Indoor facility, which I can only assume turned out as incredible as a selfie could.

#10. Reach

October 30 -- Judge Thomason reaches low to break the plane of the endzone while carrying a Plainview defender.

#9. Don't Make Me Tell You a Third Time

September 25 -- Ryan Fife stares down a grounded Caprock quarterback after sacking him for the second time, for a second safety, that night. You ever see a guy score 4 points in a football game? I have.

#8. G-Force One

October 2 -- Garison Smitherman registers a flying sack on Coronado QB Sawyer Robertson.

#7. Authority, Part 2

December 11 -- RB Ethan Elkins issues a brutal stiff-arm to a FW Poly defender, knocking him to the ground.

#6. The Bank is Open

January 14 -- Avrie Douglas finds the bottom of the basket, off the glass, on a half-court buzzer beater to close the 3rd quarter and gets rushed by her teammates.

#5. Light Up the Night

September 30 -- A special homecoming celebration is capped off with a fireworks display.

#4. 58'

January 11 -- Sara Moseley ends a stalemate in the 58th minute off of a corner kick, giving her team the 1-0 victory.

#3. Fourth and Mine

October 23 -- Jacob Politte steps in to save what was a sure interception on 4th and long, scoring a touchdown; Randall defender can't believe it.

#2. Break the Seal

October 9 -- The Pirate offense swarms Sophomore WR Braydon Laws in the endzone, celebrating after scoring his first varsity touchdown... The first of many yet to come.

#1. A Perfect 10

November 14 -- The Pirate volleyball team losing their minds after forcing match point against Lubbock High, knowing they are about to secure their perfect 10-0 district championship season.