IRC URL History

I have a BNC/ZNC-like setup for my IRC client. This page is the interface for a script I wrote to save all messages containing URLs into a database so that you're not left saying "Ugh, where is that video that my friend linked me earlier?". One day I might write this into BigBen as a module, but for now, any channel I choose to be in can have this functionality.
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Date/Timesort ascendingNickMessageNetworkChannel
06/05/2016 13:23marcel Rizon#/g/sicp
06/05/2016 12:19boneBonepop Rizon#/g/sicp
06/05/2016 10:41Gypsy Detroit, MI :: Mostly Cloudy :: Temperature: 22.2 C / 72.0 F :: Weather Underground :: Rizon#digerati
06/05/2016 09:51Ooze Rizon#digerati
06/05/2016 08:08mrfrenzy freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 06:19chishiki another todo list. lo an behold it's in ruby Rizon#/g/sicp
06/05/2016 05:57SICPBot Rizon#/g/sicp
06/05/2016 05:56BrandonC sirArthurDane, found this too freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 05:47sirArthurDane freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 05:47Druplicon = PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1030 Got error -1 from storage engine: TRUNCATE {cache_field} ; Array ( ) in cache [#2229013] = 40 comments, 1 IRC mention freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 05:46BrandonC more came up when i removed punctuation freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 05:42psycho Rizon#/g/sicp
06/05/2016 05:36BrandonC eh lil better freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 05:36BrandonC sirArthurDane, freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 05:36Druplicon = MySQL corrupted overnight?? HELP!! = 12 comments, 1 IRC mention freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 05:04SICPBot Rizon#/g/sicp
06/05/2016 05:04BrandonC well think i messed up my graphic, not what i envisioned freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 03:47joeyrogers Rizon#digerati
06/05/2016 02:15BrandonC Arshinsky, you should watch freenode#drupal
06/05/2016 02:15BrandonC freenode#drupal