The BYOC Conundrum

You might have already seen my last post or perhaps even visited the page for the searchable BYOC. I said that I might make a how-it's-made post, and this is sort of what that is, but I also have problem that I believe is unsolvable (at least in the way I hoped it would be!)... do you think you can figure it out?

So first thing's first, we need to get our data. I won't go into detail here how we do that, but let's assume that I've pulled all the data from the Quakecon registration website and put it in a nice database on my local server (to avoid bashing the Quakecon registration servers every time someone loads the page, I grab the seat data once per hour and store it locally). While grabbing the data from my database, I put it in a multi-dimensional array by SECTION -> ROW -> SEAT. This sets up nicely for my code later on.

Array $players:
------name = pixel5
------seat = C59-01
------clan = ACD


New Searchable Quakecon BYOC

This was fun weekend project. Special thanks to Chapebrone! I will try to do a how-I-did-it post soon.

Click here to go to the page.


G502 Proteus Core Mouse Wheel

I found this amusing, so I made a thing.

Turning the Fisher Bullet Into a Gel Pen

I'm a lefty. Ball point pens and left handed people just don't get along. They were meant to be pulled across the page, and we have to push everything. I love the form factor and construction of the Fisher Space Bullet Pen, but the cartridge (as cool as it is for its ability to write in space, where I will likely never go) had to go. I went on a search and I found one lead that said the Zebra G ink refills worked, but could never actually find any proof. So I went to the store and risked about $3 of my hard-earned cash and bought a couple G-301 refills (Zebra JK refill).

I ended up having to snip about 1cm off the end of the G-301 cartridge, but it actually ended up working beautifully. It's a tight fit to get it into the spring that's built into the bullet pen, but with a little force (with the help of screwing in the pen lid) it popped right into place. You can see here the difference in length between the Fisher cartridge, the modified Zebra, and the stock Zebra. So if you're a gel person, like me (huge fan of the Pilot G2), go try this out.


My latest project... a result of a little experiment. Because everyone needs to spam IRC.

Check it out.