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Let's all just be honest, it needed a change.

New Skin: Sawed-Off 'No.2'

Why haven't I posted in a million years? Because I moved. Now I live in Lubbock, email me if you're in Lubbock and want to fite @ LAN. Other than that, I just put a new CS:GO skin on the workshop, have a look!

Pack it up, boys...we're headin' out!

If I don't come back, don't let Ricky have my whey protein.

I'm going to be packing up all that which matters most tonight for Quakecon. AKA, my computer. I'm traveling alone and meeting up with 4 of my teammates from ACD, all of whom having terrible diets and sit on their butts all day. Geez you guys are a bunch of lards. It has given me a challenge to still be able to get in my protein all 4 days I am there and not to exceed my calorie limit while I'm on this cut. I am likely to fail on the last part, but I am at least going to be taking some whey with me to ensure I at least get close to my protein intake.

Aside from that, I'm the kind of person that goes to bed at a reasonable time and wakes up early for a workout. This is the least compatible type of person for Quakecon. Am I going to survive? Probably not. But if I go down, at least I'll go down fighting.

Anyway, I'm out for 4 days. Later nerds.

Quakecon First-Time Attendee Guide

Searchable BYOC Map | Quakecon Server List

Your Setup Space
You will have half of a 6-foot table. That is 3 feet of space, 29" deep. This is NOT a lot of space! Pre-plan your setup. Test it out on your desk at home. Yes, get out a tape-measure and limit your self to 36"x29" and see how your stuff will fit. Here are some considerations and tips on making this work:

Quakecon, Part 3: Return of the WHOOP

This is it. The final installment. Hype for Quakecon is at its peak, with only a week to go until the happening. Here is your final guide:

1 Simple Trick for Getting Kicked Out of Quakecon!
Attendees hate him! Find out how he did it! -- eh okay that joke is old.

  1. Make Polecat mad.
  2. See #1.
  3. Start a fight.
  4. Encourage a fight.
  5. Bring something on the 'Do Not Bring' list.
  6. Walk up to Polecat and be like, "Kick me out. Do it, nerd, you won't."

The Basics
Here is a checklist of the things the EVERYONE needs, but doesn't include everything YOU will need:

  • Computer
  • Monitor (1 only)
  • Monitor and Power Cables
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Deoderant, toothpaste, and other hygiene products (for the love of Carmack, wear deoderant)
  • Money for food
  • Any medication you might require (no, this doesn't include weed)

And things that I RECOMMEND you bring: