Quakecon 2014: 1 Month Out

Alright gentlemen, this for my ACD teammates who will be attending with me...but these tips and rules will help just about anyone going to Quakecon BYOC for the first time.

1. Your Setup Space
You will have half of a 6-foot table. That is 3 feet of space, 29" deep. This is NOT a lot of space! Pre-plan your setup. Test it out on your desk at home. Yes, get out a tape-measure and limit your self to 36"x29" and see how your stuff will fit. Here are some considerations and tips on making this work:

Thoughts of the Week 3

Rusty As An Anchor
Turns out, when you don't play CS:GO for a month, you're pretty bad in your first game back. I've got a month to get ready for Quakecon. God help me.

Knowing Your Limits
There's a difference between 'knowing what you don't know' and just plain being negative about your ability to do something. I've never liked the phrase, "I can't"...but there are times when you have to say, "Okay, maybe I shouldn't promise where I can't deliver." That goes beyond the individual level, and sadly I see companies doing it quite frequently. If you're not capable of something, or capable of it within a certain timeframe, don't go making promises. Don't jump in the squat rack with 4 plates when you don't even lift...once you bear that load, if you can't handle it, you're going down and you're not coming back up.

Knowing Your Limits... And Changing Them
It's okay to push yourself...how else do we get better? It's up to you to judge whether you are in a situation that it is okay to test yourself in. Sometimes it isn't up to us, and we are expected to perform regardless of whether we think we can or not. This is trial by fire, and the few emerge from it in victory. Just be sure you don't defeat yourself before you start with a can't-do attitude... you're on this ride whether you want to be or not, may as well lock in and take it like a man.

Thoughts of the Week 2

Two weeks in a row. I'm a hot streak.

Drupal 8
Half Life 3 might come out before Drupal 8 does. But hey, that's alright. I've seen some of the stuff that they are going to be implementing and it looks pretty darn sweet, if I do say so myself. I am already planning to work with it on my personal site when it comes out and get a head start so that when my company and big projects switch to it, I'll be ready to teach my devs how to use it. The mobile device friendly admin interface...HNNNNG Yes please!

I plateaued for a LONG time and just yesterday I noticed some improvement, finally. I'm back on the Gain Train! I'd like to thank BroScience for keeping me going when the gains weren't there. True motivation there, Dom. #swoleacceptance

The Joys of Type-Value Tables

Lately at my -day job- we've been operating under the idea that rows are cheaper than columns in an SQL database. For clarification, we're using MySQL with InnoDB. I think the best to way to go about explaining this is to use my latest project as an example: the new Virtuolink ticket system. We wanted something that no other third-party support ticket system could give us, but that meant we needed a complex and scalable data structure to build it on. We needed to be able to add details and attributes to any support ticket without changing the entire system to make it work, so we decided to use what I'm calling a Type-Value table setup (which I will call T-V from now on).

Thoughts of the Week 1

Friday. It has been a week. Am I going to do this every week? Probably not consistently, but let's try anyway and see what happens.

Standing Desks
Humans weren't meant to be static for as long we are these days with our 'fancy' office jobs. We were created to till the earth and, like, throw spears? I don't know, but we weren't made to sit on our fat butts all day. That's what sleep is for. If I'm going to be working an office job all day, give me a standing desk. Heck, throw a treadmill under it for good measure. Just because my APIs are RESTful doesn't mean I have to be.

Making the Best of it
You can't go back in time and change the situation you're in right now, the only thing you can change is what happens from this point forward. Golf is the best method of teaching this ideology. You can let the triple-bogey you just got on #3 destroy you and the rest of your round will be just as bad, or you can grip it and rip it on the #4 tee-box like a champ and make the best of it.

If you take 3 weeks off from lifting for whatever reason, go easy that first day back. Just trust me. *limps off*