Texas Tech Android Wear Watchface

I got the Moto 360 today, couldn't find a watch face I liked. I made this one. Go get it.


Quakecon BYOC Directory Chrome Extension

Visit the Chrome Webstore to get the extension.

This is an easy-to-use extension that allows attendees of the 2015 Quakecon in Dallas to find where their friends are sitting in the massive event hall at the Hilton Anatole. Visit the official Quakecon website at for more information. For a full visual map search, check out


Use input-group with Drupal Bootstrap

Bootstrap has some sweet components in its library. input-group is one of them. But, alas, those go on form elements and, well, Drupal has its own way of deal with forms... *sigh*. BUT WAIT, WHAT'S THAT THING BELOW?

How did I do that? Well I didn't edit the core of bootstrap or do some weird CSS hack, that's for sure! Turns out this ability is built right in to the Drupal Bootstrap project and interfaces via the Drupal Form API. All you need is a couple form attributes (like #input_group) and you're set. Check out the code below (this is the same code for the form element above):


Using Namespaces in Drupal 7

So in my adventure of trying to figure out how to implement object orientation into Drupal 7 (preparing for the imminent move to Drupal 8), I've come to the point of trying to figure out namespaces. Now, the last time I used a legitimate namespace was about 7 years ago in my freshman C++ course (cstdlib anyone?), so I'm putting on my nostalgia goggles for this one. I started my project by creating a class ClassName.php inside of a folder ('cause I am organized like that), then, in standard Drupal 7 fashion, I included it in the .info file, like so:

I proceeded to call my new class in my code elsewhere; $thing = new ClassName();. It worked! All was right in my world. Then I decided, "hmm... You know since I'm so new at this, I should have a friend who knows a little more about OO in PHP look at this and tell me if things look right!". Sure enough, I get approval from my friend. "Dude, your private and public functions look great and your module is pretty awesome!", he says. So I'm on top of the world at that moment, i'm learning new stuff and the stuff is working. Then he drops the bomb, "If you really want to get into good OO habits for PHP, you should start using namespaces." Namespaces sound pretty hacker to me, i'm in.


The BYOC Conundrum

You might have already seen my last post or perhaps even visited the page for the searchable BYOC. I said that I might make a how-it's-made post, and this is sort of what that is, but I also have problem that I believe is unsolvable (at least in the way I hoped it would be!)... do you think you can figure it out?

So first thing's first, we need to get our data. I won't go into detail here how we do that, but let's assume that I've pulled all the data from the Quakecon registration website and put it in a nice database on my local server (to avoid bashing the Quakecon registration servers every time someone loads the page, I grab the seat data once per hour and store it locally). While grabbing the data from my database, I put it in a multi-dimensional array by SECTION -> ROW -> SEAT. This sets up nicely for my code later on.

Array $players:
------name = pixel5
------seat = C59-01
------clan = ACD